How to Sell Your Own Property

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There’s a process of buying a home for the first time, and there’s a process for selling your home. Once you understand those processes, you can be confident in selling your house fast and maximizing the returns. You may ask why you would want to go through the hassle of selling your own property when that’s what real estate agents are for.


It’s a seller’s market with the Florida real estate market


Right now, inventories are low, and demand for property is still relatively high. That means when you find the best tool to get your property available, then those people who want to buy a Florida home will find you. The Florida housing market, especially the Orlando housing market, is seeing such an unprecedented boom that you’ll probably have multiple offers shortly after you put your home up for sale.


Use technology and online platforms


There are so many property sites out there you can use to list your home, images of your home, and all the features and figures that represent your home. It’s as easy as filling out any type of online form and making sure you have all the information ready, such as the square footage of the house and property, the year it was built, and anything relevant to the property you’re trying to sell. But remember to be fast about listing it because there’s no telling how long these Florida house prices are going to stay at these all-time highs.


Take the correct type of photos of your home


Even though the Florida housing market favors those trying to sell their house fast, that doesn’t mean it won’t take a little bit of presentation. That means using that high-quality camera on your smartphone and taking the time to take good pictures of your property. That picture is going to be the main selling point when people are searching to buy your property, as well as the price point relative to the average home price in Florida.


Consider your offers and act


As soon as those offers start to come in, it’s time to start collecting information. Store all the proposals in a spreadsheet and make sure you track the average home price in your city in Florida, the Florida housing market, and whether the offers are with retail buyers or all-cash offers. Don’t ignore either type, especially those all-cash offers, because that’s your best option when it comes to selling fast.

All cash offers will ultimately cost you less time and money, and you want to separate them from retail buyers. Once you have your plan and you’re ready to move on to the next part of your life, then you can decide whether you have the time to wait for the retail buyers to go through their process and escrow or if you want to avoid retail buyers and their realtors and maximize your time and immediate returns as soon as possible. Remember, the Florida real estate market will eventually shift.