What Percent Does It Cost to Sell A Home

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Just as there are first steps to buying a house, there are some first steps to look at when it comes to selling your home anywhere in the United States. Even if you’re taking advantage of the high prices and want to sell houses in Orlando, Florida, you need to know what it will cost you. That’s why it’s essential, when you first have that homebuying checklist, to have a home selling checklist as well.

What percent does it cost to sell a home with retail buyers?

You might think to yourself that you want to sell your house fast in Orlando, Florida, but you also see the Florida housing market is in your favor. That means Florida house prices are very high, but most of the time, the only way to get those is by selling your home to a retail buyer. Of course, that’s just the sticker price, but there’s a journey you need to go through to get those Florida house prices.

First, there are the realtor commissions which can go up to 6%. These realtors are incentivized to sell your house, but they will always work with the average home price in Florida and the specific city you’ll be selling your home in.

Then you’ll probably have to throw in another 2% for buyer’s incentive. Again, this is to help with the sale of the home. When you’re closing your home, you can easily add around another 2% or so to the overall percentage that you’re going to have to fork over before you sell your house fast in Orlando or any city in Florida.

You’re already at around 10% of the offering price, and you’re still not done! Then there are relocation costs, average repairs that may need carrying out, and staging costs, such as landscaping, prepping your home, and keeping it clean. That can be another one to four percent, making your total percentage of the expenses around 11% to 14%.

Oh wow, that’s a lot; how can I avoid that?

Well, we haven’t even discussed how long that process will take, and that’s why it’s always a good idea when you’re selling your house in the Florida real estate market today that you want to consider all-cash offers.

It’s a flat rate, and you avoid a lot of the expenses, such as the commission to real estate agents and the buyer’s incentive. Of course, you’ll still have to move and factor in closing costs, but you won’t have to handle any staging fees or repairs on your home.

Since the Florida housing market is already so hot, you can take advantage of these high prices and still net out a hefty profit with your home in most cases. Why not look at the average home price in Florida, and see how your home price compares to it.

Always outweigh the pros and cons of each option and see which one is the right option for you. Then, if you’re looking to maximize your return today, sell your house fast in Florida with all-cash deals.