When is the Best Month to Sell a House in Florida?

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The pandemic has shifted the norm a bit regarding the best month to sell a house in Florida generally. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell around central Florida, in places such as Orlando, or Jacksonville, it’s usually a good time when Spring is about to start.

People are thawing from the winter months in different locations. Therefore they’re looking to come out and start looking for their new home in Florida. Including first time buyers.

What’s changed?

It seems nationwide; anything that looks like a guide to buying a house would say that March is the best month to sell. However, the best month to sell in Florida looks to say pretty opposite to that. It seems to be most suitable and towards the end of the year, in December. This is primarily the case because while it’s winter in many places during that time, Florida’s weather is relatively mild. Therefore it’s open for people to flock in and look at new real estate. Or have people go on holiday and start considering their first steps to buying a house.

Currently, in this housing climate, the real estate market in Florida, especially Central Florida locations, is hot. Regardless of the actual temperature. A good homebuying checklist will include your rates on your first mortgage. This measure is one of the first steps to buying a house and is necessary for purchasing a home for the first time.

You’ll be a bit inexperienced the first time around, but remember that you’re the buyer. So essentially if you start to see the days it takes to sell a house increase, then you can be patient. This is because that could be the trend that the home is going to take a dip in price. In turn, it will primarily benefit cash buyers. It’s also still possible for those that are in the process of purchasing a home for the first time.

Weighing up the best month to sell a house in Florida

Timing the market a bit and knowing the best month to sell a house in Florida for current homeowners is crucial. It’s beneficial when reviewing your homebuying checklist and seeing where you are in the process. It’s essential to look at the inventory levels and what direction the price movements are going to not overpay for the home.

If you’re selling your old home, then you are at both sides of the equation (selling and buying). Therefore you’ll need to find the right balance between the best month to sell a house in Florida and the best time to buy a home in Florida.

Again – since you’re in a different category of home buying, since you’re flush with cash from the sale of your home, you’ll be able to get ahead of the buying process by being an all-cash buyer. Then you’ll essentially be able to offer a faster closing time frame with no escrow included. Just be practical and patient, and you’ll find that right balance.