Where to Buy a Home in Florida

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Right now, the market in Florida is hot like that Miami heat. All across the state, especially in South Florida, the housing market has been significantly upswing and doesn’t seem to be losing steam. If you’re still determined on the answer to where to buy a home in Florida, there are still a few places priced accordingly relative to the rest of Florida.


Central Florida is a Great Place to Start


Although the Florida housing market is healthy right now, there are still places that have a better price than others. Also, they’re an excellent choice as an investment property as well. Places like Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando are all great areas. There’s even a great guide by Rocket Homes that can discuss these places even further here.. “Where to buy a home in Florida?” then changes to “When to buy a home in Florida?”.

Although pricing itself shouldn’t matter because many of these areas mentioned have perfect year-round weather. Plenty of sunny days and a host of activities to do. Additionally, these places are all close or within driving range of a beautiful beach. So you can enjoy the day sunbathing or getting involved with water sports, as well as premium entertainment in the Orlando, Florida area.

Even when checking out which is the #1 place to buy in 2022, Tampa, Florida comes up according to Zillow research and mentioned here.


Don’t pay attention to the price only when looking where to buy a home in Florida


Just because Florida house prices are at all-time highs, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a Florida home. Where to buy a home in Florida is not as important as simply getting yourself into the Florida housing market. There you will be able to have a new permanent residence or a secondary home to spend some milder winters than somewhere further up north.

The Florida real estate market has an average home price in Florida of around $350,000 which varies from city to city. Orlando house prices tend to be a bit lower than the average. Even tho they’re in a strategically located area in Central Florida. So that may help to answer that question of where to buy a home in Florida.

Regardless of where you select, you won’t be disappointed for several reasons. The only disappointment you might have is not buying a property and entering the Florida real estate market.

You shouldn’t take notice if there’s a possibility the pricing goes down for a brief period. The way it’s been trending during the best part of the last decade shows a consistent upward momentum. This development is due to more and more people buying Florida-based homes. Whether it’s for relocation, retirement, investment, or simply a place to spend a few weeks away from everything.


Waiting Won’t Help


Trying to time any market, from the stock market to real estate, will only lead to disappointment and no ownership in anything. Whether you’re new to homeownership or adding to your Florida housing market empire, the time is always now to buy, and the answer to where to buy a home in Florida is practically anywhere.